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​Fog Light Cover vs Fog Light Trim Cover

Posted by Parts Nation on Oct 25th 2022

​Fog Light Cover vs Fog Light Trim Cover

In winter, thick fog is a driving hazard in many areas of Northern America.

You can be driving along with enough visibility and then suddenly go through a patch where you can barely see the road. Each year, over 38,700 vehicle crashes occur in fog. 

Fog lights are designed to be used at low speed in fog, heavy mist, snow, and other poor-visibility situations. 

When you are shopping for a Fog Light or Fog Light Cover, remember there are two kinds –Fog Light Cover, and a Fog Light Trim Cover.

A Fog Light Cover usually does not have a hole for the fog light and acts as a grille or filler to the bumper.

 Fog Light TRIM Cover usually has a hole for the fog light and acts as a surround protection molding to the Fog Light or Daytime Running Lamp.

Please also note that for a lot of newer vehicles, the Fog Light can be called a Daytime Running Light, or an LED Fog Light/Daytime Running Light dual functioning light.

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